Welcome… and THULCANDRA album booklet

It took me quite a while, but now my photo blog is finally getting started.  From today on it will be updated regularly with news and stories from the concerts and festivals I visit and take pictures of as well as my shootings and projects. First thing to mention is my shoot with the guys from THULCANDRA who in some way are filling the gap DISSECTION left in the black/death metal genre.

THULCANDRA, founded in 2003, today consisting of Steffen Kummerer (OBSCURA) – voc, Tobias Ludwig – bass,  Sebastian Ludwig – guitar (both HELFAHRT) and Seraph (DARK FORTRESS) – session drums, have finally released their debut album “Fallen Angel’s Dominion” via Napalm Records in June 2010.

The promotional photo session for the album took place in Stuttgart on a cold winter’s day in December 2009.  The cover artwork contained in the booklet was done by Kristian Wahlin/Necrolord and Ferenc/Digital Lymbs is responsible for the layout.

Steffen Kummerer
Sebastian Ludwig
Tobias Ludwig

For more photos and information please visit  www.alpha-photography.net.

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